Relvo is an authorized ALS Diagnostics distributor in Poland

Relvo is an authorized ALS Diagnostics distributor in Poland

We are pleased to announce our new distribution agreement with Relvo.

Effective from November 2022, Relvo is now an Authorized ALS Diagnostics distributor in Poland for molecular diagnostics kits and oligonucleotides (primers and probes).

From its very beginning, Relvo focused on quality and are proven distributors of diagnostic and analysis equipment. Relvo has adapted its offer to the needs of not only medical institutions, but also academic and private companies. Every member of Relvo company will put in the best effort to help its clients implement new solutions that increase efficiency and cost saving. Relvo offers high-quality laboratory instruments, reagents, kits and disposable materials at attractive prices.

We are confident that our partnership with Relvo will provide our customers with an outstanding quality and exceptional customer service, achieving strong supply chains by offering an expanded product range and local stock for quicker deliveries.

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