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R&D - Solutions & Services

R&D - Solutions & Services

ALS Oligonucleotides offers a wide range of innovative R&D services to become your partner of choice when developing customized solutions for your organization needs. ALS is certified according to standard NP4457, which establishes the requirements for an effective Research, Development and Innovation (R&DI) Management System. In this sense, ALS collaborates with several entities of the National and international scientific and technological system, such as Universities, Institutes and Foundations, participating in the joint supervision of master’s and doctoral thesis. The continuous search and production of knowledge, introduction of innovative products and strong research focus, are standout of features ALS Oligonucleotides, which is a reference entity in the field of R&D and a hub center in the field of ​​Molecular Biology.

ALS Oligonucleotides fosters the development of innovative technologies and solutions tailored for biotechnology applications of different academic and industrial partners. We are particularly interested in exploring business opportunities to exploit our oligonucleotide production platform and molecular biology services.

We can support your R&D projects with a very talented, motivated and highly qualified technical team, and cutting edge equipment and technologies. Please contact us to discuss your R&D goals and needs, we are thrilled to help you achieving success.

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